The picture at right is of a summer thunderstorm over the desert during an observing run at Kitt Peak National Observatory.

I am by no means a photographer, but I will sometimes play one when I remember to bring my camera.
Kitt Peak

Fabienne A. Bastien

Astronomy Graduate Student

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Vanderbilt University

6301 Stevenson Center

Nashville, TN 37235

fabienne.a.bastien at vanderbilt dot edu

About Me:
I am a Ph.D student at Vanderbilt University working with Dr. Keivan Stassun. My research focuses on photometric and radial velocity manifestations of stellar magnetic activity. I additionally maintain an interest in time-series photometry of eruptive young variable stars (FUors and EXors), and I have dabbled in supernova remnants, comets and asteroids.

Want to know more about my research? See the talk I gave at the Second Kepler Science Conference here.