GAMBLES Interactive Data Portal

An all-sky map of GAMBLES pairs with statistically similar kinematics as reproduced in our Galactic Model. The map shows position of the primary star on the sky in Right Ascension [hours] and Declination [deg]. The color denotes the distance to the binary from the Sun, in pc.

The Gaia Assorted Mass Binaries Long Excluded from SLoWPoKES (or GAMBLES) catalog (Oelkers et al., 2017) was created to identify common proper motion pairs within the Gaia-Tycho Astrometric Solution catalog and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This catalog builds on the previous SLoWPoKES work by:

  • Providing evidence for multiple wide-binary formation and evolution mechanisms by independently identifying a bimodal distribution in the physical separations of the components of wide-binary pairs. This was first seen in the SLoWPoKES I & II catalogs.
  • Extending the SLoWPoKES I & II catalogs to the medium and high mass regimes.
  • Laying the groundwork for a comprehensive search for wide-binary pairs in the second Gaia data release.

The GAMBLES catalog was publicly released to the astronomical community as an interactive Filtergraph portal for two reasons:

  1. To release the assembled information on all pairs analysed by our Galactic model. This will allow astronomers to make their own quality cuts and investigate binary candidate samples different from those described in the original analysis.
  2. To provide all astrometric information for each pair, and aid in photometric and spectroscopic follow-up.